Day 19 – Sundance. 6km skating

Today I skated in Middle Earth – or to be more precise On Middle Earth – and a few other trails at Sundance. This is the small resort about an hour south of Salt Lake established by Robert Redford – a mix of exclusive ski resort and artist colony. Very pretty cross country area, though getting there has its challenges. The road to the downhill area climbs through a very narrow canyon and is barely wide enough for a car in each direction. However this looks like a highway compared to the road into the cross country area – this is only just one car wide and road clearing is obviously a dirty word here, as all they do is do a pretty uneven scrape off of the top layers of powder. So of course when someone comes the other way you have to reverse back to a point where you can drive safely into the snowbank at the side of the road to create a passing lane. The extra $5 was once again worth it today.

Still, all worth it as the ski trails are beautiful. Cold and clear and temps in the mid teens, so not fast snow but lovely skiing. Mt Timpanogos looms over the area and the trails swithback through Aspen groves up to Middle Earth which is mercifully relatively flat. Not feeling very energetic so jus 6km with lots of photos stops and lots of just standing around listening to almost complete silence.

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