Day 18 – Salt Lake – Rest Day

Difficult to know what to do today – had planned on going to Deer Valley to see how the other half live – a few people I’ve spoken to have recommended it for some powder stashes, as everyone skis there for the immaculate grooming and tend to leave the untracked alone. However another storm is barrelling in – supposedly bigger than Mondays – and talk of 6 in of snow in the valley during the day – driving could be a nightmare.

So ended up having another rest day – my second in four days – I really am getting slack. Had already started snowing when I headed out at 10 – yet another day when the temps are going to stay sub zero. Drove into downtown area and then wandered around through the snow for a couple of hours.

Finally got to have a coffee at the Salt Lake Roasting Co – always spoken of as the best coffee in town (though in a town with 40% Mormons who who don’t drink coffee that may not mean so much), but it was well worth the visit – easily the best coffee of the trip and if not for having a bit more foam than I would deem optimal probably one of the finest coffees I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Snowed lightly down here most of the day but looks like the storm might be a bit of a fizzer – though still talk of lots of snow tonight. Managed to plan oot the rest of the trip – will stay in Utah as long as possible as the snow is just so good.

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