Day 2 Wed Jan 23. Alta 4200m vertical

Easing back into it …

Not a bad sleep and feeling reasonably alive.  Doug and I had touched base last night and figured we might as well have a ski together while we could.  With a bit of snow in the forecast figured a relaxed start at the Park and Ride was the go and by the time the bus had us at Albion Base it was snowing lightly.  Organised passes then up Sugarloaf and started to remember how to ski.

Snow still reasonably soft off trail from last weeks storms but a bit wind packed and variable in spots.  But generally much fun to be had.  Very quiet and snowing lightly most of the day.  Main challenge was with visibility varying between pretty ordinary and almost non-existent – and always seemed to get a bit worse when I’d try going off the piste.  Managed a couple of somersault falls which convinced me I should maybe stick to basics until I got back into the groove.

Spent the morning on Sugarloaf and Supreme then over to Watsons for lunch and spent the afternoon on Collins.  Some very nice snow to be found on the edge of the runs around the trees – which again sucked me into the idea of off trail and a traverse across to Saddle – which had quite nice snow but visibility once again disappeared and returned to skiing by braille – not really a day one activity.  Probably picked up about 5cm during the day.

By a bit after 3 we’d both had more than enough to justify the day and after the trip back down did a few more shopping stops on the way back to motel.  

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