Day 1 Tue Jan 22. Newport – MEL – LAX – SLC – Murray UT

So far, so good.

Robyn & Trevor made the trek across town to do taxi duties and after a coffee at Leyroys was off to the airport and checked in (with 0 wait time) over 3 hours before takeoff.  Did the obligatory coffee and toastie at Brunettis followed by the even more obligatory glass of sparkling before completing the LONG walk to the very end of the terminal.

Had repeated last year’s strategy and opted for the economy X upgrade and once again scored a row of seats to myself. A person could get used to this. One thing different from last year is reflected in the fact that I’m updating this on approach to LA – have had wifi for the whole trip so I’ve been streaming Netflix, keeping up with snow reports etc. Cool.

It’s now 9.45 and I’ve been settled in my motel room since late afternoon, and I’m remarkably awake given the sleep I haven’t had in the last 2 days.  All went pretty smooth though time was getting a bit tight at LAX.  Arrived on time but seemed to traverse ALL the taxiways (and there are a LOT of them) to get to our gate and then just happened to hit a pretty busy time in the customs hall.  Once I finally got out to baggage pickup got my main bag OK but was waiting and waiting at oversize for the ski bag and watching my margin of error shrinking markedly.  Finally decided to wander back to the baggage carousel – which was on the other side of the large luggage hall – and of course it was there.  Some helpful(?) VA person had lugged it over there on a trolley – just a shame that’s not the normal practice and there was no easy way of letting me know.  Oh well.

Thankfully walked virtually straight through the security screening at Delta terminal and just had time for a coffee before a stunning flight across snow covered desert to Salt Lake.  Both bags co-operated by taking the same flight and the last hurdle was cleared when I drove away in a 4WD Jeep without having to go through any dramas.  Lovely cool (around zero) afternoon with plenty of snow still lying around in town from yesterdays storm


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