Day 16 – Alta. 2800m vertical

Talk of very strong winds and heavy snow moving in this afternoon and not sure how parking would be at Alta today with the holidays now in full swing, so seemed like a great day to take the bus. This is one of the many things that make this such a great ski city – city buses that have ski racks outside and / or inside that run regular services from the suburbs to both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons where the 4 big Salt Lake resorts sit. They have big Park and Ride lots where you can drive to and catch the bus from – and one of them just a couple of miles from the hotel.

MUCH busier than last week – actually had to queue for up to 5 minutes – and unfortunately many areas closed – probably anticipating avalanche risk with approaching storm – so got a bit busy at times. Had some early flurries but weather was obviously brewing up something pretty major. Enjoyable enough skiing but not great – still suffering powder withdrawals.

In having lunch at about 2.30 when the front hit – by the time I had skis back on you had to cover any exposed skin to stop getting your face shredded from the hard snow pellets that were just bucketing down. Getting back to the base area was a major effort. Was feeling very smug about decision to leave car down below – very slow trip down in bumper to bumper traffic in very heavy snow.

Had to scrape a couple of inches of snow off the car when got down and snowing very solidly even down here – 4000 ft below the Alta base area. Driving home was VERY slow and careful – thankfully most people taking it pretty easy. Being Christmas Eve had to get a few supplies as nothing much open tomorrow.

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