Day 25 Thur Feb 15. SLC – LAX – MEL

So far, so good.  About to board flight to LAX – as long as I can get on!  Flight is oversold – not a rare occurrence – but should be OK (famous last words!)  More to follow …..

SO it’s now 5pm PT, I’ve got three hours before boarding and I’m sitting in the terminal at LAX enjoying my last Starbucks coffee and lemon cake for the trip. I could get used to this single ticket concept – bags checked right through, a bus to connect between terminals so you don’t have to go through the whole screening process a second time.  And I’m going somewhat better than at a similar stage in last year’s trip!

Sort of enjoyed the novelty of having a leisurely pack up this morning rather than my standard routine of doing a few hours skiing then rushing madly to get to the airport on time.  Mind you, good to see that my standard impeccable sense of timing is still working well – Alta picked up 17 in last night when the forecast called for about 5!  Glad I didn’t even check it out this morning.  Snowing lightly on and off at the motel but not much settled. 

A last bit of retail therapy, an attempt to get lost dropping the car off and still managed to be in the security screening line about 2 hrs before flight from SLC.  Took forever to get through screening – good thing I wasn’t cutting it fine – I would never do that.  Once we cleared Salt Lake area had great views all the way to LA.  Sat next to a VERY big boy – looked like he could have filled in as a linebacker – so glad I had the window seat and could sort of turn that way and just use part of my seat.

Must be time to sample some food and beverages ….

… And 24 hours later I’m back home desperately trying to stay awake long enough to start shocking the body clock back into OZ time.  Until next time ….

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2 Responses to Day 25 Thur Feb 15. SLC – LAX – MEL

  1. Doug Sceney says:

    Bon voyage Mick. Glad to hear you had some good snow at Alta to finish.

  2. Anne says:

    Such good self-discipline … will you be able to maintain it?

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