Day 22 Mon Feb 12. Rexburg – Grand Targhee – Clearfield UT. 3700m vertical (54,600 total)

A few flakes falling and a few more blowing around as I loaded the car this morning.  Not a great night’s sleep and feeling pretty ordinary – if it wasn’t 3rd last ski day a day off might have been tempting.  Somewhat surprisingly a rare occurrence of actually getting away roughly on time, and even with fuel and coffee stops I was picking up my ticket at Targhee just as they were loading first chair.  By the time I’d finished suiting up most chairs were going up empty.  Gotta love a quiet ski area.

Had donned full down jacket and by half way up was seriously considering adding the vest.  Claiming an inch of fresh overnight but it must have blown away.  Headed for Lost Groomers which was VERY firm.  A bit softer in the trees but still not quite the soft snow I was hoping for.  Having gone back to the car and got the yellow lens goggles after just one run headed back up and tried the off piste around Siting Bull and Wandering Moose – still skier packed but much more enjoyable, then over to Sac for the obligatory run into Medicine Bowl.  Was so skier and wind packed it almost felt groomed.  Nice but not quite like normal, so back to base for elevenses.  Snowing lightly but not really accumulating

Then headed out on Headwall Traverse and cut back above Chief Joe Bowl – VERY nice chalky snow only lightly bumped at the top.  The little bit of fresh was actually making a difference.  Cut further left than previously and great snow but some big bumps.  Had to do a very bumpy traverse back through the trees – great snow but no way I was going to point my skis down through there.  Bowl also skied nicely.  So back up and this time dropped directly off the traverse between Headwall and Chief Joe and was even better than first run.

Had worked up an appetite again so in for the second round of beer and wings for the trip.  Headed back out and did Headwall again and this time traversed across the bowl to Steamvent which was quite similar to headwall – the run of the day.  Thought about doing it again but decided I’d done enough, and still had the last significant drive for the trip ahead of me.  While once again got skunked on the fresh snow I really couldn’t complain about the skiing.

Decided to drive out via Victor, but half way between there and Swan Valley was trying to nod off so pulled over for a 15 minute powernap – made all the difference.  Quick run into Idaho Falls, grabbed coffee, croissant and lemon cake and headed south down the interstate.  A little fresh snow on the lava fields south of Idaho Falls – very pretty.  Snow clouds hanging over the peaks and drove through a couple of short but intense snowfalls over a few of the summits but not enough to slow down from the 130 kmh cruising.  Last light fading as came to the northern extent of the Wasatch at Tremonton and just managed to push myself through to just past Ogden.  Had chosen here for the night to keep the option open for heading to Snowbasin tomorrow, but Alta has had snow today and they haven’t so guess where I’m heading tomorrow.  Would have been nice to push through to Midvale but it was hard enough just getting here.  The one hour drive to Alta tomorrow will be the longest drive I’m facing for the trip. 

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2 Responses to Day 22 Mon Feb 12. Rexburg – Grand Targhee – Clearfield UT. 3700m vertical (54,600 total)

  1. Anne says:

    Good to note that you have all five food groups covered … hops, protein, fat, sugar and caffeine. I guess it helps manage the challenging conditions! Enjoy the last couple of days.

    • Dazed and Confused says:

      Thanks – good to see that someone can appreciate the challenges in keeping a balanced diet going on a trip like this!

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