Day 18 Thur Feb 8. Missoula

Peered out the window this morning to see wet roads and wind, and forecasts haven’t changed from last night, so rest day has come a couple of days early.

Eased into the day gradually and kept up the same relaxed pace all day.  Cooked Hashbrowns, got coffee, did some retail therapy, made pancakes and coffee, caught up on some work – hard to know how I’d fit a days skiing in.  Mild and dry by the time I headed out late morning.  Got a fine coffee and an OK scone (but nothing like Whitefish) at Liquid Planet.  Snow on some of the surrounding hills looked quite fresh but none of the resorts reporting any fresh and temps all around well above freezing.

Afternoon forecasts are still hinting at snow for both Targhee and to a lesser degree Utah for the start of next week – hopefully will be clear enough by tomorrow evening to plan the route back to Salt Lake.  Winter weather advisory for Missoula from 11pm tonight as cold air and snow moves in.  Fingers crossed.

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