Day 16 Tue Feb 6. Whitefish 3400m vertical (41,400 total)





Ho Hum – only 3 in fresh today and 39 total for the last week.  A little snow at the motel last night but clear this morning and the sun was even lighting up the hills to the west on the drive to Whitefish.  A part of me could have had a day off today but don’t know how many fresh snow days I’ve got left for the trip, so I compromised and started a little later, but was still at Chair 1 only a little while after it started loading.  Brilliant looking day and all sorts of options were presenting themselves.  Decided to try Ptarmigan bowl for starters – virtually treeless and vertigo inducing in ‘standard’ Whitefish conditions but was pretty damn close to perfect today – soft, fresh, not overly trashed.  Started following Toni Matt back toward base then dropped off into Larch which was similar condition to the bowl, then finally onto Corkscrew and back to base.  Fantastic.

Back up to the top and decided East Rim Face was next on the agenda.  Once again snow just about perfect and got a really nice line down.  Up Chair 5 and did it again, this time traversing a bit further about half way down to investigate – nice at the top but funnelled into some tighter trees so had to cut back out – all good.  Back up decided to take a relaxed run down Goat Haunt and Whitetail with an occasional foray off the edge of the run then back up to the top for elevenses.  Finally sampled some of their chilli – quite good.  This place has a great range of affordable food options for snacks and lunches.

Back out did another lap of Ptarmigan Bowl and Larch – starting to get a little heavier now as were my legs.  Then did the run of a thousand turns down Big Ravine – just about as good as a groomer could ever get.  Legs were starting to fade, so back up to the top one more time, a more traditional – and still great – approach to East Rim Face then the long haul back on Russ’s Street to base.  Would have been nice to do a bit more but walking may have become problematic.

Did one last coffee and scone pickup from Montana Coffee Traders then back to the motel for a Wheatfish, a soak in the bath and start planning the next few days.

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  1. Malc & Keri says:

    Very nice pictures Mickā€”the light is magic! And we enjoy your commentary. Thanks for bringing us all along for the ride.

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