Day 22 Mon Feb 13 Sacramento – LAX – ?????

Had a lousy night’s sleep – the events of the afternoon seemed to keep replaying – so was quite late dragging myself out of bed and eventually out of the motel (helped by a midday checkout).  Did a proper bag pack – as distinct from the stand back and throw things in the general direction of the bags that had happened after my short ski yesterday when I foolishly thought I was heading home.  And discovered that I had just enough room and weight available for a final bit of retail therapy.  And with an REI store in town ….

By the time I’d wandered a while through there, had a couple of coffees, got lost twice trying to get into the central downtown area and seeing some pretty scary bits of traffic in a few spots, I baled early and headed for the airport.  Stopped at the gas station just before the rental return to fuel up and down my final wheatfish I’d been saving, then on to check-in with Southwest.  Once again impressed by what an efficient and friendly service they provide for such low fares.  Had 2 attendants offering to put my bag tags on for me (or was it just that I look that incompetent?)

So I find myself sitting in the terminal, checked in and through security 90 minutes before my flight is due to depart.  I’ve got just under a 4 hour window between when I’m due to arrive in LAX and when I fly out.  I’ve done all I can do.

So far, so good. Good quick flight to LA, though a baggage handler has accelerated the destruction of my ski bag and had to do a quick repair job before heading off down the walkway to Tom Bradley with the ski bag somewhat perilously balanced on the trolley and dodging a whole lot of people who seem to have no idea where they’re going. Didn’t see the final weights of the bags but no comment so all good.

So I’m through screening for the second time, sipping a sparkling and waiting for my calamari.

And now I’m onboard and we seem to be on time – and at this stage there’s still a spare seat next to me – what could possibly go wrong?

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