Day 18 Thur Feb 9. McCall – Winnemucca NV

Soggy, very soggy

With absolutely no chance of a ski today there was no need to rush out and enjoyed the chance for a cooked breakfast while I could.  Grabbed a coffee heading out of town – ordinary coffee, acceptable scone and good range of signs. A bit of aquaplaning and the trip down the Payette wasn’t as spectacular as usual but all in all not too bad.  Had originally booked a room with a kitchen in Boise for tonight with the option of a ski at Bogus or Soldier tomorrow but that looks like pie in the sky so after a bit of retail therapy and a quick cancellation it was off into the desert – well once I managed to actually get out of Boise.  Stupid GPS app got it into its head that I didn’t like travelling on interstates and took me on some unintelligible diversions.  Oh well.

After crossing the Snake rejoined US-50 which I’d followed south out of Montana a few days back.  This road really gets around – back then it took me through Moscow and today I went through Rome!  Strange to see flowing and standing water out in the sagebrush.  Scarily windy in places – there was a wind warning out for the eastern Sierra and almost could have had one here as well.  Part of the drive got a bit tedious as passed through more rolling almost grazing terrain rather than the classic basin and range of Nevada but started to get more dramatic toward last light.  Was in Winnemucca by a bit after dark and as a bonus I got back that hour I lost a fortnight ago.

Not sure how tomorrow will pan out – the whole Tahoe basin sounds like a mess.

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