Day 17 Wed Feb 8. Brundage 5400m vertical (49000 total)

And on the eighth consecutive day of fresh snow he wondered if it would ever end – but suspected it would very soon …

Only a little fresh overnight but snowing lightly when I headed out.  Grabbed a quite acceptable coffee up on the hill and was on the chair about 20 mins after it openend – by which time maybe 50 people had been up.  The definition of crowded here is where you have to share a chairlift with someone.  Headed straight for Lakeview and spent the first hour and a half  there. Was getting 3rd or 4th turns on groomers that had an inch of fresh on top and plenty of untracked off the runs – if you have thrown in a bit more visibility it would have been just about perfect.  Snow was dryer again than Monday and most skiable.

Great run all the way down on 45th parallel and tried (again) for the mid mountain eatery but closed (again) so back to the base for an early lunch.  After more than a fortnight finally buckled and went for the wings and beer – and the wings were sensational – possibly the best I’d had since in Canada with Robyn & Trevor (was it at Jasper?) – and ably washed down with a shock top – a nice drop in the bottle but a very nice drop on tap.

Suitably fueled up back out and did two or three runs down the frontside – a mix of groomed and trees and very nice.  Was feeling one more run might almost be enough, then had one of those sliding doors moments and rather than take that run, I headed in for a relaxed coffee and scone break.  And discovered that the 3-7 in of snow forecast for tomorrow is now less than 1 in and there’s a flood warning out for the whole valley – sounds like I better get the most out of today.  The forecast is starting to sound like a homage to an 80’s Scottish pop band (think Four Weddings and a Funeral if you’re having trouble with the reference)

And as I head back out it starts snowing seriously.  Ands rather than do 1 more run I did 5!  From here on it was free refills all round.  And a day that was already great morphed into sensational.  Did the same sequence 3 times in a row – down North into Rodeo then drop into the trees from there where there was a wonderful series of dips and bumps through lovely snow through perfectly gladed area – then emerged onto the bottom part of a groomer that was skiing about as well as it could.  Repeat.  Drool.

Pretty stuffed by now but no way I was stopping so did a couple of runs down Main Street into Lower Slobovia with occasional forays into the trees till the knees pleaded with me to stop the teles.  Officially only a few inches during the day but as often the case was skiing much deeper and better than that.  The sort of day that can make a trip.  By the time I was doing the last few turns down to the base the lift was closing down and so were the legs.  A quick bit of retail therapy and back down to my little abode.

And now the forecast for tomorrow is for 4-8 in snow with rain thrown in – I don’t think anyone has a clue WHAT is going to happen.  At least I’m not at Jackson – they had a major wind storm last night that killed all power to the area around the base of the hill and it won’t be restored till at least Monday!  And Powder Mountain was closed today (again) and road may not reopen till late tomorrow due to avalanche risk.  Interesting times indeed.

But tonight I’ve got crab cakes to go with more roast vegies.  It’s a tough life.


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3 Responses to Day 17 Wed Feb 8. Brundage 5400m vertical (49000 total)

  1. Anne says:

    So … Wet, Wet, Wet!

  2. Robyn says:

    Jasper and a few other places as I recall. Didn’t hear you mutter a bad word about ‘wings’ while we were with you!

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