Day 16 Tue Feb 7. McCall

Sitting in my little bungalow looking out at the snow wafting down – it’s a tough life.  Meant to be a relative lull in the precipitation today which (along with the fact that my legs are stuffed) is part of the reason for the day off.  Not sure if I’ll go out skating yet or not.  Very difficult trying to plan the next few days as after tomorrow things warm up drastically and they’re talking rain at all the hills I could realistically get to.  Last 2 days look OK in Tahoe but before that looks ugly so no point rushing back there.  Looks like I might have an enforced break sometime in the next few days.

Finally dragged myself outside about 2.30 and headed to Ponderosa State Park for a quick skate.  It’s on a peninsula that juts out into Payette Lake and have never managed to have a ski here on previous trips.  Only a very short ski – no more than a stretch of some different leg muscles really (and strangely the skating seemed to hurt my knee more than the teles!) – but most pleasant.  Heard a woodpecker at work long before I spotted it then marvelled at its persistence at what looked suspiciously like banging your head against a wall.  Also spotted a squirrel and heard a few more.  Still snowing on and off.

The evening weather update still giving a glimmer of hope for some skiing in the area Thurs so booked an extra night here.  Made good use of the oven and did some roast vegies and stuffed scallops – yum.

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