Day 21 (and final) Fri Feb 12. Murray – Alta – SLC – LAX – MEL. 2900m vertical (73400 total)

It started as winter and ended as spring …


Had stayed up late last night so I’d be nicely sleep deprived for the flight home tonight – seemed like a good plan at the time but I had my doubts when the alarm went off. As usual set no records for completing the packing and preparing to get everything back into going home mode.  Away about 9, grabbed a final coffee from Java Jo’s then once more up the canyon, out of the haze and back into the real world.  Even if I didn’t have a free day at Alta left on my pass I still would have finished up here.  It’s the Friday before Presidents weekend and the crowds have picked up noticeably – actually had to queue for a couple of minutes at the bottom lift – no singles queue – but not much waiting after that.  Did the normal startup routine then after a grilled cheese did something NOT so normal – crossed the border into Snowbird.  Normally costs extra to include Snowbird on an Alta ticket but with the Mountain Collective it’s automatically included.  Had always wanted a look at Mineral Basin and figured with its aspect it might be softening up nicely by now.  Still fairly firm up high but nice spring slush lower down.  Pretty steep on the far side of the bowl but quite mellow on this side.

One lift ride back up and I fled the world of snowboarders and returned to Alta – didn’t want to overdo things.  Had a nice run down Ballroom – skier packed but still nice chalky snow, but the knees were feeling each turn.  Had a run down to Collins base, grabbed a couple of souvenirs then back up and crossed back over to Supreme.  Did Rock N Roll once then on second time around the right knee gave permission for a final half dozen teles down the chopped up at the side of Upper Big Dipper.  Then it was one final high speed run down Rock N Roll followed by the long ski back to Albion Base, and all of a sudden it was all over!

Completed the bag packing while knocking back the last of the Huckleberry Wheat, then there was just enough time to gas the car up before returning it at the airport.  Had expected lots of people flying in for the holiday weekend but had NOT anticipated the queue for dropping off cars.  Finally got the advantage of the 2 flights being on the one ticket when got the bags checked all the way to Melbourne, then as usual forgot to take off my watch at  screening and had to get the full pass over with the wand.  After a forgettable coffee (It that’s Seattles Best Coffee, I don’t want to try their worst) and a scone it was onto a very full flight to LA.

Quickly broke through the fog to the sight of islands of mountain peaks in a sea of fog with the sun setting in the west – lovely. Passed over what was probably Vegas and from there quite clear through to LA.  When landed we pulled up at a gate at the ‘Eagles Nest’ – where you have to get a bus to the ‘normal’ American Airlnes terminal, from where you can then get to TB where I fly out of.  Hordes of people everywhere and thought I was going to have to queue for ages to re-enter screening but actually very quick – which was not a description that could be applied to getting a quesadilla and a glass of sparkling to wash it down.  I reckon even if a hungry Trevor was here he wouldn’t have got in my way by the time it turned up.  And then to add insult to injury the power point at the table I sat at wouldn’t work.  Nor would the one I tried next in another part of the terminal – was starting to think my nifty little adapter had died but third time lucky.

So I’m fed, I’ve ad a drink and am currently downing a barely acceptable coffee.  One more drink and I reckon the world will look pretty good.

And it’s good night from him …..


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  1. Malcolm Sinclair says:

    And it’s thanks from us for taking us along for a great ride.
    Welcome back home!

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