Day 20. Thur Feb 11. Powder Mountain 3500m vertical (70500 total)

Could have headed back to Park City for a freebie for the penultimate day but decided to lash out on a ticket for Powder Mountain instead and worked out pretty well.  Drove north up through the smog and broke out when starting up the canyon on I-84 and once again a stunning day once above the muck.  About 12C below around Eden but in the positives up on the hill.  Walking across the car park to the ticket office was taking your life in your hands – yesterdays puddles were todays ice blocks.

With the lower altitude and lower skier traffic the groomers were just that little bit softer than everything had been since Sunday and the skiing was fine.  Did try a little off track exploration – including a long traverse around the head of Cobabe Canyon to what looked like soft open snow but actually varied between OK and frozen crud – and the snow varied every metre or two.  Also tried a run down from the top of Paradise and while skiable it was a bit crunchy, and my knees were telling me they’d had enough of the rough stuff.  So stuck to the groomers and had a fun few hours.  Actually I think I just came back here for the chicken quesadilla for elevenses!

Back down the hill and the final drive back into Salt lake and having largely resisted the pull of gear shops I finally relented and picked up a few items at the Sandy REI.  Then it was back to the room to cook another stir fry – shrimp this time – and start the packing process

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