Day 16 Sun Feb 7. Salt Lake – Park City – Idaho Falls ID. 4700m vertical (60200 total)

Where has all the powder gone ? …..

A sunny start to the  last ski week of the trip.  MUCH quicker run to Park City than 2 weeks ago, and what with parking only a few rows from the cabriolet we were there pretty much for first lifts.  Started much the same with 2 runs down Another World – firm underfoot but very nice for just ripping down.  Started moving across the hill but found it increasingly firm bordering on VERY hard.  Particularly when we got across to the Park City side.  BIG queue on Silverlode where I would have liked to try a few runs, so headed for King Con.

Once again too firm for my liking – I was starting to have flashbacks to last years trip.  Brilliant sunny day and almost warm when out of the wind so some people would think this is the bees knees but I’m not one of them.  Never really tempted to try the off piste and didn’t do a single tele all day.  Tried to call it quits about one, but did a couple of bad choices of which lifts to catch which added on another half an hour.  Finished up with a run down Doc’s Run – halfway down suddenly recognised the run from several years back and also realised I’d done it then in the same conditions as now – was really just survival skiing.

Still, can’t complain, and given it didn’t cost me anything today all good.  Did a staggered pick up of food, gas and coffee heading north and made good time up the I-15.  Made it to the motel just before half time in the superbowl and watched the second half before heading out to grab some away takes – our last meal together.

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