Day 15 Sat Feb 6. Moab – Arches NP – Salt Lake

Road Trip!

Had a bit of sleep in and then partook of the free breakfast at the motel, then cruised town fueling up on gas, coffee (from a bike shop) and scones from a bakery.  Had wanted to check out Island in the Sky but the lady at the Info Centre said you couldn’t see 50 metres, so decided to concentrate on Arches.  While the cloud was hanging in and obscuring views a bit it was still a stunning morning.  You’d drive 50 metres and go around the corner only to be greeted by a new jaw dropping vista and want to stop and take another photo.  Did a few short strolls from the car but still pretty cool – a few deg C below zero – so were happy to return to the car pretty frequently.

Sun occasionally tried to break through and still contemplated Island is the Sky but decided it would make it too long a day, so kept heading up to to rejoin the Interstate.  A quick stop for some lunch in the less than salubrious Green River, then headed north up Hwy 6.  Still clouded in for some time then in about 5 minutes we were into brilliant sunshine and yet another vista of cliff lines off into the distance.  Made good time to Price then the long climb up to Soldier Summit through yet another stunning canyon. Dropped down to meet up with I-15 and the endless sprawl of the Wasatch Front.  Back in Midvale by about 4.30 to check in then do the normal rounds – REI, Supermarket and State Liquor Store – you have to have your priorities right.

Have taken oodles of photos the last few days – is going to take a while to sort through them and get some posted.

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