Day 14 Fri Feb 5. Glenwood Springs – Snowmass – Moab UT 4100m vertical (55500 total)

Another coating of pixie dust on the car and about an inch at Snowmass.  Big day looming so were away pretty early and had a much quicker run down the valley than Monday.  At the Park N Ride just after 8.30 and with buses every 15 minutes we should have been up at Snowmass by 9 but there was a SNAFU with the buses and we ended up getting there about 9.30.  Up to Big Burn / Sheer Bliss again to start, but off piste wasn’t as good as Monday.  Still a brilliant sunny day and the groomers were just about perfect so no complaints.  Cirque Lift finally running so actually had to queue for more than 5 minutes for the poma.  Wonderful panorama from the top but unfortunately the run down was less than perfect.  Actually it was pretty ordinary – looked great – all fresh and untracked – but of course there was a reason for that.  Must have been some wind here as there was a crust that defied normal attempts at turns.

Found a just about perfect groomer in Micks Gully, and the second time down it continued down and across the mountain to Elk Camp.  Some nice fresh off the side at the top but had to do a fair bit of work for very few turns so once again back to the groomers, but really couldn’t complain.  finished up with a LONG run back down Adams Avenue to the base.  A nice finish to our Colorado stay.

Was actually almost warm in the sun when we got back to the car.  Back through Glenwood with a final coffee pickup from Blue Bird then off on I-70 following the Colorado downstream. Driving interstates can sometimes be boring but this is pretty speccy.  Left the interstate a little way after crossing back into Utah and after passing through the ghost town of Cisco turned south and started the descent to Moab.  Funny little road with lots of little rises and dips and over many of them you would come across BIG black cows grazing right at the edge of the road who took absolutely no notice of anyone driving past.  Light was starting to fade as we once again joined the Colorado but still enough to get a few photos.  Saw what was probably a coyote run across the road but thankfully no close encounters with animals.

Into Moab a bit after dark and on checking into the Super 8 thought we’d use the provided trolley to haul our gear in but all we succeeded in doing was getting stuck going through every doorway. Pretty good room for $50 for the night.  Drove through town checking out the take away options before settling on some mexican, which ended up being very tasty.

Looking forward to a ski free day tomorrow.

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  1. Doug says:

    Nice shots of the mesas with snow.

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