Day 1 Sat Jan 23. MEL – LAX – SLC – Murray UT

It’s 9.30 pm and I’ve managed to NOT fall asleep yet, the rain has turned to snow down here in the valley, I got geographically embarassed several times driving back from the airport – even though I’d done it perfectly just a few hours before – and Trevor has locked himself out of his room.  Yep, it’s going to be one of those trips.

Smooth sailing through customs at Melbourne this morning after Robyn & Trevor did a major detour and picked me up as well – luxury.  Had a drink and a snack with Trevor before we headed for our separate flights.  Just about set a PB for least amount of sleep ever on a flight over – the only time I felt like I got into real sleep was for about 45 mins before they woke us up serving breakfast.  So in full zombie mode when I got off at LAX.  We were about 15 minutes behind schedule but easily the fastest trip I’ve ever had through US Customs – this year could use the same automated system US residents get to use – very slick.

So after pushing a barely balanced trolley a LONG way along the footpath to the Southwest terminal was all checked in and back into the secure side of dealings with plenty of time to spare – now could finally get a coffee – starbucks, but I’d spent some time suitably lowering my expectations.  Only problem was they weren’t making any, and the only other espresso was back the other side of security screening.  Oh well.

Overcast and muggy in LA, and the cloud cover extended most of the way to Salt Lake, though got occasional glimpses of the desert under snow – always a stunning sight.  No drama picking up rental car, then made a beeline for Salt Lake Roasting.  Suitably refreshed headed off to do the rounds of Liquor Store and Supermarket etc.  Just off the freeway snowflakes started wafting down – just beautiful.  Lasted all of 90 seconds before turning to rain.  Still, forecast looking good for the first few days.

Had the first heffe of the trip killing time before heading back out to the airport to pick up Trevor – did one circuit and by lap 2 he was sitting around like he’d been there for hours.  After eventually getting on the right road we grabbed some noodles and washed them down with a beer.  It was when Trevor decided to head for his room that he found that one of his keys didn’t work – good thing the other one was safely stored – inside his room!  Had to get the night manager on the phone to get some new ones coded.

I think we are both just a tad tired ….

Sleep would be very nice, but it’s so hard to not keep looking outside every few minutes to watch the snow falling …


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