Day 32. Thur Feb 19. Monterey – Big Sur

Have done the drive down the coast from here over both one and two days previously, so figured I’d take a different approach this time and do a there and back drive along just the first section down to Big Sur.  Up early for the sunrise but needn’t have bothered with cloud and / or fog well set in.  Did a fair bit of creative procrastinating and wandering about downtown and around Fishermans Wharf waiting for it to lift but was stubbornly hanging in, so headed off about midday regardless.

With only a (relatively) short drive was able to take plenty of get out of the car and gawk stops, and was great despite the limited visibility.  And there were LOTS of other people doing similar things who also hadn’t been put off by conditions – some of the stops were virtually impossible to find a park nearby. Did about 2 hours then turned around, and just after the Big Sur bakery took the unmarked turnoff down to Julia Pfeiffer Beach where I just wandered and sat for an hour or so – most pleasant.  Stupid weather – was about 5 deg cooler today at sea level than it had been at 8000 feet in the Sierra.

Back to town before sunset but again no real conditions for photos.  Ended up having a pretty forgettable meal of sand dabs down at the wharf and figured I could no longer put off the job of starting to pack to come home.

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