Day 28 Sun Feb 15. Portland – Coast Starlight.

Another cool and sunny day – you know spring has really taken hold when Portland is getting weather like this at this time of year.  After a relaxed start did the now very familiar trip to Union Station to drop off the other bags then one last wander around before a return visit to Deschutes Brewpub and another couple of rounds of Zarabanda – and some food to go with it of course but not really the purpose of the visit.  Ended up having to do a pretty brisk walk to get back to the station in time for boarding – train had actually arrived EARLY and left on time – but reality returned quickly and we were behind schedule by the first stop.

Heading south out of Portland not quite the spectacular scenery of the gorge, but pleasant enough.  My sleeper was on the coast range side so had to do a couple of trips to the observation car to get glimpses of Hood and Jefferson.  Strange to see all these people who had left their seats or their sleepers to grab seats in front of these large panoramic windows, only to spend the WHOLE time reading or playing with their phones. Decided the views weren’t sufficiently dramatic to keep me away from my little hideaway so headed back for cheese and biscuits washed down with a prosecco.  Thankfully have managed to book a ‘late’ dinner slot – and I use the term loosely – of 7.10.  The alternatives were 5.50 or 5.30! Ended up having quite acceptable roast chicken and baked potato for dinner, then back to my little cocoon to be rocked to sleep one more time.

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