Day 24 Wed Feb 11. Whitefish 4800 m vertical (74400 total)

Reporting 2 inches fresh – an inch since lifts closed – and finally the precipitation seems to have stopped.  Wetfish can return to being Whitefish.  Went up with mixed expectations but ended up having a great days skiing.  Down to 1 -2 chairs visibility again but getting used to it now.  Took a run down Silvertip and found most of it soft but very skiable, then a run down the whole mountain on Toni Matt and Corkscrew – again great skiing, even down low where despite it being spring-like conditions (snow-wise at least) it was real fun skiing.  Big Ravine was a bit heavier going but still fun, then decided to do Hellroaring again, despite the warning sign that it wasn’t groomed all the way to the chair.

This has always been a powder run for me and was a bit weird to do it under groomed conditions – though I use the term groomed loosely as there were a few deep ruts left by the groomer or a skidoo which would just about swallow your skis whole and throw you off your feet – but fun nevertheless.

Cloud level was hanging in about half way up chair 2 – was weird to be skiing down through it then break through the base into clear conditions and good visibility.  Seemed to be trying to lighten up and on the next trip up the chair could actually see some detail in the snow, so finally headed off track into Big Face.  First few turns were a bit dodgy – snow was a little heavy and bumpy and visibility was still just so-so – when the cloud just dropped away and suddenly there was perfect visibility.  Funny how turning becomes so much easier when you can see properly – was still challenging but most enjoyable.  Another fine run down Tony Matt when I came out of the untracked, then back up chair 1.  With visibility still pretty good figured it was time to try East Rim Face – my favourite powder run here – and it was sweet.  Only lightly skied and quite nice consistency.  Not cold smoke powder or anything like it but quality skiing nevertheless.  Even the long long run along Russ’s Street back to base seems fun after a run like that.

And it was a good thing I took my chances – by the time I was back at base the cloud had dropped back in.  One more top to bottom run and called it quits.  No scones left at MCR but a more than acceptable alternative in apple pie to go with the afternoon coffee.

With a bit of time to spare for once have managed a few local beers, dinner, some work and finally getting this back up to date, and have added lots of photos over the last week or so – but none for this Mon or Tues as neither camera came out of the daypack.

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  1. Doug says:

    Nice to see that you got some good skiing despite the weird weather. Take care.

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