Day 23 Tue Feb 10. Whitefish. 4600 m vertical (69600 total)

Reporting 4 in fresh up top and still snowing, with a snowline around the village level.  Was on the hill just after 9 so did a warm up lap on Chair 2 waiting for Chair 1 to open.  Snow falling was only just not actually rain at the base of the lifts but got better as you got higher, and was actually quite nice at the summit.  Once again three fifths of bugger all visibility but not the worst I’ve seen here.  Did one run back to base, then decided it was worth taking my normal powder day approach here and headed for Hellfire.  A long traverse – particularly in soft slow snow – but when I got to the start of the run proper there were only 6 or 8 sets of tracks, and the skiing was great.  Great fun riding the roller coasters down the run, particularly with virtually no-one else on the run.  Snow was much wetter as you got further down but still great fun.  Once again was only just snowing at the base of the chair but improved as you rode back up.

Did a couple of runs on Big Creek and Flower point – Whitetail was particularly nice and North Fork had a few challenges as the soft snow had been carved out in one spot leaving substantial gullying. Snow was excellent if a little heavy up hih and varied a lot as you went down – would go through patches where it was a little sludgy then would get long runs of really nice consistency. Then did Hellroaring again – still fun though now much more heavily skied and getting a bit thin toward the bottom.

The morning was definitely the best of the skiing – will probably be the pattern for the week.  Caught the bus back down a bit after 2 and then did chores like washing clothes and getting some work done. Only problem with that was that I lost track of time, and when I wandered down for the afternoon coffee fix I discovered it was more evening than afternoon and they were closed!  Thankfully another place still open across the road but close call. Recovered a bit after a pretty tasty curried noodles takeaway for dinner.

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