Day 27 – Salt Lake (The Canyons)

Storm warning in effect for the Wasatch Front, and need 4×4 or chains to get to Alta or Solitude, so just about talked myself out of skiing. However, being my last day in town, ended up driving around to The Canyons – one of the Park City resorts. Weather was atrocious, very wet snow falling at the base, but great snow up high and had a couple of my best runs for the trip. Had already started to head back to the base area when the winds picked up even more and just about blew the chair off the lift!

Back to town and a final shopping spree at REI, then repacked all my gear in the parking lot. Drove downtown – the first time I’d been there all trip – and was amazed at the changes since 8 years ago. In particular the Amtrak train station was now a shopping mall – which could make my train trip tonight somewhat problematic! Saw a movie to kill some time, then returned the car to the aiport. The poor thing was looking very grubby, its “I need maintenance” light was permanently on and it REALLY needed a new set of front tyres, but it had served me well. Thankfully the cab driver knew where the new station was and as the train pulled out at midnight I nodded off.

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