Day 9. Healesville – Lilydale

It may not have rained all night but if not it must have come close.  No point getting away too early as a short day so dragged it out hoping it might clear, but still light rain as we headed out.  Dragged it out further with a coffee in town then a couple of hills – one quite brutal – to the rest area at the Chocolaterie. Very nice ice cream.

Chaotic traffic around Yarra Glen with the police alternating blocks of cars and cyclists, which worked quite well.  Finally dried up for the last bit into Lilydale.  Our little group – minus Sue – regrouped just before the end and came in through the throngs of meeters and greeters and all of a sudden its all over.

One last sausage sizzle and walk the bike and bag back to the car.  Really struggled to stay awake driving home through very heavy traffic right through to town, thinking all the time of what awaited me at home – coffee and toast.

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