Day 8. Alexanda – Healesville

Awoke to the now all too familiar sound of thunder and only just managed to get the tent down and most of the gear into the bag before the heavens opened. By the time the deluge eased off enough to leave the shelter of the tree I’d camped under the path to breakfast  was starting to resemble a creek. Into Alex for a coffee then finally off pedaling into the rain. Enjoyable riding despite the rain with lots of dramatic low clouds and The Cathedral looming up as we approached Taggerty. Had to work into a fair wind on the ride down to Buxton and as we approached Marysville the sun even started making brief appearances.


Had to keep things ticking over as they had a road closure in place over the black spur for a limited time and if you weren’t underway in time,you were doomed to be sagged. A short but steep climb out of Marysville then a LONG downhill that’s just too steep to enjoy properly, particularly with this many riders. As we climbed from Narbethong you’d hardly know it had rained and was once again warming up, though nothing like what we’ve gotten used to. A brief stop at Dom Dom saddle then a pretty much perfect descent of Black Spur. Does not get much better.


One last tough climb out of Fernshaw then a long run down to Healesville, marred only by the interminable long steady climb out of town to camp. Great dinner followed up by a pretty good 80s cover band – though it reminded you just how much dross the 80s served up.  Also got to witness possibly the worst dancer I’ve ever seen, but he was enjoying himself.  Raining by the time we headed back to tents.

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