Day 25 – Grand Targhee

Why oh why didn’t I take the bus? I assumed that with a few inches of fresh snow on the hill and temps around freezing on the approach road they would have ploughed and/or sanded the road, but the resort and final approach are in Wyoming, and maybe they don’t believe in such things there. Real white knuckle drive with my car regularly doing small slides and spins, but eventually got there and after lingering long over coffee I felt up to venturing out.

Just 4 lifts here but they cover a huge ski terrain, and even though it was Sat in a holiday week, it wasn’t really crowded. Total white out up top but once down in the trees the skiing was great with amazing array of choices. Large open areas between stands of trees along with the designated groomed runs meant that you could ski for a long time without retracing your steps.

Eventually decided I couldn’t put off the return drive any longer – and it was even more fun than in the morning. There was a few hundred metres of relatively steep UPHILL out of the resort before the road headed steadily down into the valley, and although I tried getting a bit of a run up, my traction gave out 3/4 of the way up and I slid to the side of the road. Only got over the top with 3 guys pushing (they weren’t going anywhere till I got clear) and drove VERY cautiously down untill I could feel bitumen under me. By the time I got back to the motel I just about needed to be surgically extracted from the steering wheel. Oh what fun!

Had a very quiet new years eve in relatively balmy temp of 35F – I understand it was a bit warmer in Melb.

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