Day 24 – West Yellowstone to Driggs

Woke to fresh snowfall and the sounds of snowmobiles – now I remember why this town didn’t appeal to me when I first read about it. Feeling pretty tired and expecting a slow drive out on snow covered roads, so grabbed my first espresso in 6 days (my hands were shaking even before I got hold of it), and cautiously headed out of town. 10 miles and 2 cars and 2 trucks off the road later, I was proceeding even more cautiously.

Got to Driggs early afternoon and after checking out the town (which didn’t take long) drove up to Grand Targhee to check it out. Road was a bit hairy in parts but not too bad. Got another latte, felt my internal coffee regulation system returning to something near normal and decided that tomorrow should serve up some pretty good skiing.

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