Day 4. Bright – Moyhu

Whole valley enclosed in cloud and the novelty of a cool morning. Was a day of two halves – great morning, tedious afternoon. Could actually roll out of camp with a vest and longs on – though part of the reason for the longs was that the shorts were drying out on the back of the bike after yesterdays soaking. Got straight onto the rail trail coming out of Bright and it was great riding. Bitumen all the way and virtually no one on it. Sun broke out as we were heading toward Myrtleford and was back in full on heat mode by the time we got there. Second breakfast with a reasonably good coffee and sensational raisin toast.

Riding past gapstead winery was very tempting to head in but kept on the steady climb through the bush crossing the road just before the top of the only substantial climb for the day and therefore avoiding the last part of it. Great roll down on a gentle incline for several km until we reluctantly rejoined the road route. 47 km of quality trail with no cars and very few cyclists – luxury!

Actally ate lunch at the lunch spot for once and found some nice shade to sit in but maybe I should have given the bike some shade as well, as I got a blowout just after leaving lunch and it was on the inside of the tube – probably a combination of old age and heat exhaustion, a condition I could identify with. Put in the spare, started pumping and of course discovered I’d not fixed the previous puncture on THAT one, so off with the tyre again and do a patch job. Oh well. Finally back rolling into the heat. Absolutely stifling on the one small climb of the afternoon, and the only really enjoyable part of the afternoon was the diversion to Milawa Cheese for a prosecco and lemon slice.

Had a mild headwind as we’d been heading west and was a relief when we turned to the south but energy was flagging fast and had to take several stops along what should have been a fast and easy ride. Grabbed a cold drink in Moyhu central just to be able to get to camp and walked the bike while drinking milkshake to our site. Town had gone all out with lots of stalls etc and would like to have gone back and checked it out but it never quite happened. More storms forecast for tomorrow and the police are warning if it happens they won’t let riders through without lights and wet weather gear. Mad rush to the onsite bike shop for lights meant good business for them.

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