Day 23 – Yellowstone Trip Day 5

The 5 days have flashed past way too fast – 8 days would have been pretty easy to handle. Had a morning ski straight from camp – no need for the snowcoach today. We were aiming for a particular lake but didn’t quite make it. A couple of rouge bison grazing the other side of the meadow, and after struggling to break trail again we had the luxury of a relatively fast and easy ski out on our inbound tracks. Much drier snow today with the temperature drop. And to top it all off we had toasties for lunch!

Quite complicated logistics as the next group were moving in as we were moving out. And now that we were leaving, the sun finally came out! Had a short final ski on the way out – the coaches dropped us off at one end of a trail and picked us up at the other end – and enjoyed a steady downhill run along a creek and past some falls on a relatively fast trail – possibly the best ski of the trip! Gathered in front of the coach for the obligatory group photos then slowly trundled our way toward the park boundary and civilization(?). A few more animal sightings along the way, with the highlight being a coyote calmly trotting back to resume munching on its prey just a few metres off the road.

Back to the motel after dark to find a LOT more people around than Christmas eve, and enjoyed the luxury of standing under a shower where you didn’t have to turn the water off after a few seconds. All the group bar 2, along with Erica and Soile got together for dinner, and we all headed off into the night.

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