Day 2. Albury – Yackandandah

This ride should have a new marketing slogan РHeat, Humidity and Hills. The first two were very evident overnight and this morning. Ludicrously warm even at 6am. Breakfast queue while long  was not quite as horrendous as is often the case day 1. Had a laughably optimistic aim of being away at 6.30, and we were actually on the road by 7.40 which is actually pretty good for me.

Great riding along quiet roads around branches of the Muray and after the first climb of the day were rewarded with a fine run down to and across Hume Weir. Was quite enjoyable riding until you hit even a small hill, when the heat would really hit home. At lunch spot way too early to eat, so after the first sausage sizzle of the week took lunch and headed for the major climb of the day. Was fairly steady and in cool conditions would have been quite OK, but you had to take several stops, get out of the sun and get the helmet off to just let the heat dissipate a bit. 
Have now done the climb to Yackandandah three different ways, but they all end with the same wonderful run down into town – just the right pitch to let it roll without having to brake. Trevor and Doug were some way ahead of me and had stopped in town for a milkshake waiting for camp to open, but I managed to arrive pretty much just as they started to let people in, and managed to grab sites on the fence line – and once again right at the other end of the camp from dinner. After setting up was off having milkshake, lemon squash, lemon sorbet – anything that was cold and wet. Did I mention that it’s a little bit hot?

Figured it was only fair to bring beer o’clock forward a bit today and had a wonderful shady area to consume quantities of light. Very ordinary dinner – for all that they do a remarkably good job of cooking for the masses, their rice based dishes just never quite work. Again the only enjoyable part of the day was the evening as you slowly start to feel human again. More of the same forecast for tomorrow plus if we get real lucky some thunderstorms. And we get to climb Tawonga Gap in the heat. Oh joy.

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