Day 1 – Albury

Cool and drizzly driving out to the long term car park in Lilydale, but will be some time before we see that sort of weather again. Lots of stuffing around waiting for late arrivals for the bus – and no, I WASN’T one of them, I was there very early – and taking a 45 minute “lunch” stop when we were only 45 minutes from camp and our ACTUAL lunch. Then following a bit of misdirection we managed to traverse almost the whole camp before making it to our preferred position.

Already hot and getting more so. Pitched tents and took a long walk into town for coffee and a fine lemon slice. And by the time we got back to camp it was pretty much beer o’clock. Very tasty beef and potatoes for dinner, then tried to get organized for an early start tomorrow. Was lulled to sleep by the sounds wafting from some intellectual gathering across the road, where chants of “chug, chug, chug” and various other drinking refrains were the order of the day.

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