Day 9: Torquay – Geelong

And so it finishes. Very pleasant to open the tent flap and look out across the creek. Forecast for 30 degrees so a tussle between inertia and the desire to get todays short ride out of the way before it gets too hot. Last day packup – when you don’t have to worry about what order to pack things in – just stand back, throw stuff in then jump on the pack. R&T had headed to town for breakfast. I tried joining them but there was a 25 minute wait for coffee, so gave that up – though I did get to eat Robyns left over raisin toast so not a complete write off. Found a coffee shop further down the street with only a 10 minute wait and figured that was acceptable.

Last day of the ride is always a bit of a worry – a lot of people just seem to turn their brains off and even though the riding was easy there was lots more traffic and you really have to concentrate just to stay upright. Stupidly remarked yesterday that I hadn’t had a single rider pass me on the left all trip – so of course one did it this morning and came close to all ending in grief. The new trail in Breamlea that saves you doing a big loop around near the wind turbine  was a great addition and the ride along 13th beach is always good, but Barwon Heads was total chaos. Did a couple of km along the Bellarine Rail Trail just to escape the highway and finally rolled into the showgrounds through a huge welcoming crowd all waving clackers – quite a dramatic finish.

Did 2 rounds of the piles of bags without being able to spot a number 8 for our truck and had to have it pointed out to me – tiredness had really set in . Though in my defence it may not have been easy to spot as it moved several times and finally disappeared altogether in subsequent minutes.  Bags strapped on backs we wheeled bikes back to the car park and went our separate ways. The last communication from R&T was a photo of the eggs they were having for 3rd breakfast. A real struggle to drive home without falling asleep, but as always at the end of  ride I had something beckoning me homeward …..











Will hopefully get some more photos posted Monday.

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