Day 8: Birregurra – Torquay

Woke to the gentle sounds of generators, but at least it was a very short walk to get the morning cup of tea. Road closures today meant the timing on various sections was going to be tight and at 7.30 one of the police motor bikes was rolling around camp with siren going trying to get everyone on the road. Could see what looked like threatening weather in the pass we were heading for but thankfully never amounted to anything more than light drizzle. Full road closure from Deans Marsh over the top and down into Lorne. VERY busy and difficult to ever get a clear path on the climbs, but was surprisingly clear on the long descent, compete with jacket and liner gloves. At least feet were warm and dry today. An absolute hoot of a descent – though got a bit trickier near the bottom. Mind you, would have been much trickier for the woman who I heard tried to do it with no brakes!

Lorne was simply overrun with cyclists – the first closure ran till 11 and the half closure to Fairhaven didn’t take effect till 1130, so EVERYONE was trying to get coffee etc. Not impressed when I saw it was a a salad for lunch – with large chunks of what looked suspiciously like egg. Had to walk the length of Lorne to find a bakery and stock up. When got back to the bike realized the basic flaw in our cunning plan to stop short of the lunch stop – if you’re going to try it, make sure your bike is on the side of the road you’re leaving on! To stop total chaos the warbies and marshalls were stopping people crossing the road to get going and instead funneling everyone back to the lunch exit. Made sense but still not fun. And a great way for them to make friends. Oh well.

Finally on the road and had a stunning afternoon riding. Sunny warm(but not hot) and only light winds. And some pretty fair views to boot. With lots of people taking stops in lots of places the ride strung out surprisingly well. Great views at Urquharts Bluff and Bells Beach and the obligatory final sadistic climb before the run into camp.

Now at this stage I was looking at a second night camped away from R & T. Robyn really needs to watch some reruns of Sesame Street, particularly those presented by the numbers 6 and 7, so that she could tell which (clearly marked) truck she was putting her bag on. Anyway, by sticking with truck 7 I found myself in the far more salubrious half of our split campsite in Torquay and scored myself a site with a waterfront view. On seeing the limited options near their truck Trevor decided they would join me.

Reunited, we took a walk into Torquay under Robyn’s expert guidance based on the large amounts of time she had spent here. Returned to camp excited at the prospect of another potato twistie only to discover there were none! Then after dinner when Trevor and I were both interested in a coffee, I agreed – for reasons that will forever escape me – to walk back into town. Though supposedly taking a shorter route than this afternoon it took forever and was eating into limited drinking time back at cafe. Just about lost it when, on finally finding a open cafe heard one potential patron being told it would be a 25 minute wait. Robyn somehow got coffees delivered in significantly less time than that, and managed to make it back in time for a couple of ciders.

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