Day 7: Gellibrand – Birregurra

There are worse things in life than putting on comfortable dry socks and then putting them in sodden cold riding shoes – but not all that many. Used all my powers of procrastination this morning in the hope of packing an even slightly dry tent, but I needn’t have bothered. While Gellibrand didn’t turn on the drenching it have us last visit, it drizzled just enough this morning to keep things sodden. The one bright spot was the football and netball club had ham and cheese toasties – very nice, and had to have a second one just to make sure. Finally away at about 20 to 9 and now that my wet tent was safely tucked away in the truck the rain went away. Got to see what we had sped past on the final descent yesterday. Great forest and nice cool temps for the climb. Quite a few being sagged only a couple of km from camp – not  a great start to the day.
Broke out of the forest just below the ridge line and felt the full force of the wind, and cool turned to cold. Tried stopping at a cafe just over the summit but in the time it took to realize queueing was going to be a waste of time, I lost what little body hear I had left. Donned warm hat and jacket to do the sandwich making thing, met Robyn and then headed to the start of Turtons Track. We’re told it has only been recently sealed and it was closed to other traffic today, and it was magnificent. Wonderful forest and a long twisting perfectly pitched descent delivered a riding experience that will seldom be equalled. By half way along I had liner gloves on as well – much colder and we’d be looking for snow.

Eventually we rejoined the real world but still high quality riding, though the constant hills were starting to take their toll. A screaming descent into Forrest for lunch, but just ate the cheese and biccies and kept going – stop too long and you’ll never get going again in these temps. Broke back out into open farmland and starting to feel a bit weary, but turning north and finding a strong wind at your back can do wonders for the energy levels, and the last stretch flew by. Dried the tent out, set up camp and put dry clothes on but still feeling chilled. A shower would have helped, but that would have involved queueing for one – not in this lifetime.

Did the obligatory wander downtown where Robyn and Trevor somehow miraculously managed to meet up, despite the two of them having completely differing and contradictory versions of the message Robyn had left for Trevor. Life continues as normal. Yummy local sausage followed by some chips back at camp had the body feeling pretty good, and finally warmed up properly when had a shower after dinner. Managed to eke a little charging out of the overcast conditions this afternoon. If we don’t get some decent sunshine tomorrow I’m going to be seriously electronically challenged. And despite being somewhat solar challenged, I’ve now got some photos from days 1-4 up.

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