Day 5: Port Campbell Rest Day

The joys of rest day – sleeping in (well, later than 5.30 anyway), a break from porridge, the option of a morning shower and – most importantly – not having to pack up camp. Had toyed with the option of a ride to Loch Ard gorge but the fact that the bike was elsewhere made that somewhat problematic. As it turned out, would never have happened anyway, as it has been quite hot and humid. SO glad we weren’t riding today.

Took a wander downtown and were reminiscing on days on rides when businesses in towns didn’t seem interested in doing business, went to a cafe for coffee at about 10 to see them put up the closed sign (thankfully AFTER Robyn got our order in). Basically did not a lot which was quite pleasant. Trevor took a swim, I waded in knee deep and Robyn stayed dry. Finally started catching up on blog entries, which may not be much use as getting a data connection has been impossible – even getting an SMS out has been a challenge.

Potential for a thunderstorm all afternoon, and this evening there’s been lots of lightning and a bit of thunder, and even a glow not far away which looks like a fire from a lightning strike. A few drops of rain is probably just foreshadowing what we’re in for tomorrow.

Late night update … With the occasional lightning flash outside the tent have finally managed to get a working data connection and upload some text. Will hopefully get some photos up tomorrow, but I need some sleep.

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