Day 3: Portland – Port Fairy

Up nice and early and after repeating the very long walk to the meal tent picked up the bike and joined Robyn & Trevor for coffee and TOAST. Today was the day of the egg sandwich lunch, and I had planned to pick up some extra snacks to get me through the day, but remembered they’d spoken last night of community groups at rest stops so didn’t bother. Bad move.

The day started well with a lovely ride along the bay from Portland. A fair bit of head wind but you never mind so much when you have decent views. But as for the rest of the day, if we’d had tail winds it would have been passably pleasant. But with a constant headwind it was just a chore. Flat ground and very little cover meant you never got any rest – give me a hill climb any day. Stopped briefly at lunch even though I had no intention of picking it up then as about to leave saw the sign for scones. This was what I was looking for. But … Saw the last 2 scones sold to the person in front of me. Oh well thought I’d get a sausage instead. Nope, all sold. Whimper.

Back on the bike, more tedium. Pulled into the next rest area as I KNOW they mentioned this one last night. Nothing. Nada. If Carey was on this ride he would have quit at this point. Back on the bike and some more tedium with the last 3 km into Port Fairy feeling like I was going backward. Trevor had managed to excel in campsite selection and set up in the exclusive upper reaches of the camping area. A LONG way from dining but what else was new. Met Robyn in town for coffee then took a walk along the wharf. Had turned into a very pleasant afternoon and evening and finished it off with a wander out to watch the muttonbirds come in at dusk. I’ve admired the flying abilities of these birds when out at sea, but when there are hundreds of them flying over land you’d think they were taught to fly by some demented galahs!

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