Day 2: Nelson – Portland

Breakfast queue surprisingly non-existent which was a nice start to the day. Lots of stuffing around to get going and well after 8 before out the gate. Writing this 2 days after the event and very few real recollections. Nice riding temp but could have done without the wind. Right pedal had been feeling a bit wonky – thought it was just the cleats getting worn -but when took a stop just before lunch realized the pedal was half undone and I couldn’t loosen or tighten it. Managed to ride pretty much one-legged to lunch where Mark the mechanic managed to get it off and spent some time cleaning and rebuilding the thread. Managed to get it back on but warned me it was only 50/50 that it would survive the day and if it failed I would be looking at the sag! He couldn’t realize how much dread those words could bring.

But thankfully it DID hold and managed to finish OK albeit pretty late. Managed a camp under a tree where I could watch the tourist tram roll past the tent door, then had to drop the bike off for a more permanent repair. Pancakes in camp and a coffee in town and all was good with the world. If only they could have turned the volume on the movie down abut 500 dcibels all would have been good.

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