Day 1: Mount Gambier – Nelson

Another cow paddock I have camped on.  At least this time they didn’t need someone going around with a wheelbarrow picking up the cow pats (though there are more than enough to dodge). Still, its dried out a bit since this morning. 110% humidity overnight meant everything in the tent had that lovely clammy feeling, but that was replaced by simple wetness once you spent any time outside in the rain and drizzle. And it’s SO much fun packing up a wet tent, particularly on day 1.

Did a few passes through town for breakfast and coffee, and took another look at the amazing sinkhole just off the main street. Finally started on the climb out of town and stopped to admire (the truly) Blue Lake. Would have been a very easy ride with little or no wind, but we were pretty much pushing into a reasonably stiff breeze all day. Got the occasional dry spell between drizzle patches, though at least it wasn’t water squelching out of your shoes type of conditions.

Took a walk from the lunch stop at Donovan’s down to The Glenelg river – an old houseboat heading off downstream when I got there. Have often thought that would be a great way to spend a few days and this would definitely be the river for it. Short ride from lunch to cross the Glenelg, through the metropolis of Nelson and on to our cow paddock. Robyn & Trevor had been here some time – had decided to push through thinking there would be a vast array of cafes in Nelson where they could get coffee and food – surely a new definition of optimism! – then proceeded to ride straight past the only two places where they actually COULD have got a coffee. Oh well.

Set up camp then rode back to town and out to the ocean and estuary beaches – just so I could get rained on a bit more. Quite pretty but not the day to see it at its best. Pretty standard (ie horrendous) first day queue for dinner, but pretty good, and well washed down by the cider they’ve got on tap. And of course couldn’t finish the day without the obligatory visit to the coffee cart.

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