Pre Ride Friday 22 Nov. Newport – Geelong – Mount Gambier

Had talked about turning up early for the bus to Mt Gambier, but of course that would have been out of character, so ended up getting away about 10.45. Heading out of Geelong thought the countryside looked familiar and realized we were going past The Hill winery. Remarked to Terry who I was sitting next to that the last time I was here I was watching Neil Young combine feedback and guitar drying. Turned out
he’d seen him at one of the indoor concerts which opened up a rich vein of conversation for much of the trip (in between naps).

Rained on and off including while we were at Port Fairy and was at it again when we arrived. I’d ended up on a different bus from my bag but figured they’d only be a few minutes apart. 40 minutes later was finally able to set up camp. Robyn & Trevor found me as I was finishing up and we took the long walk to, and then along, the main drag until deciding on Indian for dinner. Walk in and find Peter from Eltham College already there. Good thing we met him too, as he knew where the shuttle bus back to camp was.

I think it rained ALL night….

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