Day 9 Port Arthur Loop – Hobart

The parting of the fellowship…

Melissa was off on the early bus for a flight from Hobart and Robyn and Trevor were on the mid-morning bus to Devonport, so I was the only one doing this mornings loop ride (along with a few hundred other desperates).  Feeling remarkably chipper after last nights drinks  but that didn’t last as we set out on yet another hill climbing festival – over 600m in just 38 km. Really tough work on some of them but some wonderful downhills to compensate and surprisingly smooth roads through to Nubeena.  Had heard last night of very good coffee here and got the good word that it was some place with ‘Duck’ in the name, so rode straight past the bakery and the rest area to Lucky Ducks Cafe.

Now we’ve had toast on the menu every day of the ride but the only time we’ve got some was at bakerys and cafes along the way and I was going through my usual toast withdrawal symptoms so I know I had somewhat lowered standards, but this may have been the best toast I have ever eaten (along with a damn fine coffee) in a beautiful location overlooking Wedge Bay. Back on the bike for yet another hill climb – I am SO over hills – and a rocketing downhill to finish off ride no 25.  Despite the hills it was a wonderful mornings ride to wind things up. Had the bike boxed with more than 10 minutes to spare and had time for a last wander down to the historic area before getting on the bus back to Hobart.

Now this would be a good point to wind up the ride report and move on to post ride activities, but of course there was one more little wrinkle. The bus dropped us pretty central in Hobart so decided to lug the gear to the hotel, check in and then find some way to get to Mt Stuart and pick up the car.  However as I did the credit card thing on check in went to change from sunglasses to normal glasses only to discover they weren’t there – and neither were my reading glasses.  Of course, they were still sitting in the seat back pocket on the bus. So started the frantic phone calls, first to BNV then the bus company.  Turns out one bus was still in Hobart and one was on the way to Launceston, and guess which one the glasses were on.  Oh well, they’ll be back tomorrow, I’ve got a couple of sets of contact lenses and it means I can put off deciding where to go until later in the day.

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