Day 7 Triabunna – Copping


One of the best days ever ….


Complete contrast to yesterday morning – sunny and clear and no wind.  A quick run through to Orford with the obligatory early climb and a lovely run down to the beach, and got the good news that the alternate route was open.  Headed up the Prosser and saw both Trevor and Melissa coming back having turned around at the first hill.  Now I had memories of a brutal little hill on this road but I’d started to doubt it when it wasn’t apparent when mapping the route but it was definitely there and everyone knew about it. Some confusion on the route as the map had showed us going straight up Wielangta Forest Dve but thankfully we headed around the coast – which always seemed the obvious route to me anyway (and it turned it WAS the planned route – the published map was wrong). So got the triple bonus – more bitumen, less climbing and some of the prettiest riding of the whole trip through Spring Beach and Rheban.

However once we joined back with the forest drive things started getting tough. First climb was nicknamed crazy bike hill, as with the corrugations and loose sand / gravel mix you were bouncing up and down like on those old off-centre axle bikes.  Some of the steepest climbs of the trip where even walking pace seemed like a luxury and downhills that weren’t much faster, but enjoyable nevertheless and made up for by the almost total lack of traffic and some quality forest. More of the same after a lovely little lunch spot in the forest till we finally hit a magnificent viewpoint overlooking the Forestier Peninsula before dropping into the rolling farmlands of Bream Creek.  Wonderful rolling road through paddocks with occasional ocean views – a truly classic ride.  Finally hit the bitumen just 600m abovethe camp and got a lovely roll down to end the day.

Peoples opinion of the day seemed to depend on which route they took – we were all raving about the alternative, whereas it seems it was windy and crazy busy with traffic coming via Sorell on the highway, so we definitely picked right.  Great sloping campsite looking out over the hills and with only one shop in Copping we spent a fair bit of time there.

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