Day 6 Bicheno – Triabunna


I know we must have got a fair bit of rain overnight as my towel – left out overnight – was saturated. Guess we’ve had it lucky up till now not having to pack up wet tents. Extended the procrastination by second breakfast at the bakery and with all our stuffing around managed to time it perfectly (well almost – we did end up riding through rain) and arrive at Freycinet winery just as they opened.  So first drink of the day at 9.30 – a very fine reisling.  Great coffee as well. Back on the raod to continue the one major climb of the day with the weather drying up but the cloud hanging in.  Reckon there were only a handful of riders behind us as we headed through the first rest stop and caught up with Robyn & Trevor as the lunch stop at Swansea.  Quite a nice lunch spot but still relatively early in the days riding so grabbed lunch to go and rode on to Spikey Beach whch was just great – no-one else there and the surf rolling up to just a few metres past our feet.

Enjoyable enough riding during the afternoon but after the last few little beaches south of Swansea got a little tedious for my liking.  Finally into Triabunna about 4 when the sun finally broke through and managed to dry everything out as setting up.  Now I’d been raving to anyone who’d listen all week about this great little fish & chips van at Triabunna and the wonderful scallops we’d got there in the past.  So of course when we rocked up, first thing I see was a sign in the window saying No Scallops!  They did have some salt and pepper calamari which was a pretty good substitute so t wasn’t a complete disaster.  And when I ordered a few ciders in the pub to go with them – having long ago abandoned any hope of finding any light – Trevor being less jaded asked and lo and behold they had some. Score!

Very nice Ocean Trout for dinner then escaped to the tents and away from the talent show.  This evenings briefing has left us in doubt about the viability of tomorrows off – road option – talk of really rough gravel, washed out bridges and doubts about the route in general.  We’re not going to know until we get to Orford in the morning.

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