Day 5 Bicheno Rest Day

And I thought rest days were meant to be for rest! Day didn’t get off to a good start when we had a new contender for the lets keep em awake or wake em up if they’re asleep award when the fracking penguins started their daily cacophany at about 4 – though Robyn reckons they were going all night. Wandered down on the rocks about 5.30 and dsiturbed one that looked like it was ready to head for the shore.

Being booked on a bus that required us to be ready at 7.15 saw us at the bakery for first breakfast about 6.15 – great raisin toast good coffee and lots of nice stuff to take for lunch. Were on the climb to the saddle above wineglass bay by a bit after 8 and it was a good thing it was cool, as humidity was hanging in at about 347%. But very pleasant when not actually climbing and clear enough for good views. Descent to the beach seemed to take forever, but finally got to read with 3rd (?) breakfast on the rocks over the beach.

Given how hot it felt on the climb was surprisingly cool in the shade with jumpers and jackets all round. Robyn discovered some oystercatchers who had in turn discovered some mussels and were not at all concerned with getting up close to them. No sight this trip of the wallaby trying to invite itself to lunch – must have been the lack of alcohol. VERY busy on the track on the trip back up the saddle not helped by a lady down on the track with injured ankle – ended up having to be winched out.

Once back down found a nice little spot under the trees on the shoreline on the inlet side to while away the time till the return bus. Back to bicheno for yet more food – you really just can’t overeat on a trip like this – and an after dinner stroll around to the gulch to listen to the created terns do their attempt at deafening everyone then back onto the rocks to watch the light fade over the ocean. Really need a second rest day now to recover from the first one.

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