Day 19 Mon 24/12. Alta 3860 m (57530 total)

A little underwhelming this morning – Alta only reporting 3 in whereas PowMow has 8 – but the bulk is still due for this afternoon, so still seemed like a good day to take the bus. No snow in the valley but was snowing steadily all the way up the canyon. The first couple of runs were just about as good as it gets – the few inches of fresh on the groomers were sensational, and off piste it was already stting up quite a bit deeper. Spent half an hour over morning tea while my skis got waxed then headed over to Collins. Ballroom had been open early but of course was closed by the time I got there. Had a great run down Race Course Saddle then struck something I hadn’t seen all trip – a lift queue!

Back over to Supreme as the snow really started to set in and hauled myself up the climb to Catherines again – felt like scaling a cliff. I think this is all catching up with me. Sensational snow and very limited visibility – the trips I did in good weather meant that I at least had a vague idea of where I was going, but that still didn’t stop me getting a minor case of being ‘cliifed out’ – had to sidestep uphill to avoid some steeper terrain than I was prepared to handle.

Would have loved to do it again but trying to preserve a little leg strength for tomorrow, so did a few runs through 3 bears, occasionally darting into the trees. Snow was coming down REALLY hard now – the website shows 4 inches in one hour at one stage – and was filling everything in nicely. By the time I did my last ride up Supreme they were packing up and so were my legs. Once long run back to the base and a waiting empty bus. A seat on the way up and the way down and it didn’t take 2 hours like the last storm day I caught the bus here.

Still a fairly long trip back down but glad not to have to drive in these conditions. A few inches on the car back at the Park and Ride, then back to start the planning process of skiing, flying and having a traditional christmas meal all in the one day.

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