Day 17 Sat 22/12. Solitude 2400m (49570 total)

If this was a longer trip today probably would have turned into a rest day, but with only 4 days left felt like I really should have a ski. Sunny and warm again, and as Alta is often fairly busy on a Saturday decided to head for Solitude for a change. Did a couple of runs on the groomers then did the long haul via 2 slow lifts to the summit for a run down Honeycomb Canyon. Nominally all expert terrain but the run down the middle of the canyon is basically no worse than intermedite pitch, albeit with some challenging bits thrown in for good measure. I’d done this once before in even lower snow conditions and with even less ability, and it had it’s mments but was OK today. SOme nice enough snow up high but no great shakes further down. There’s a ‘get out’ chair half way down the valley but figured I’d take the cat track that runs right around to the front of the mountain just to see what it was like, cos it wasn’t open last time. Could have saved myself the effort as it was pretty ordinary. Oh well.

Did a few more runs on the groomers but very hard packed and pretty uninspiring so gave up before 2. Back for some retail therapy – along with half the residents of the greater Salt Lake area – and tried to get my stupid phone to reset it’s SIM with absolutely no success. Storm still on track to bring me a nice early Christmas present on Monday

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