Day 14 Wed 19/12. Whitefish – Idaho Falls

Ho hum, more overnight snow on the mountain, though nothing much in town. While it was tempting to head back up, I had decided that a rest day was long overdue.  So after a relaxed start, the obligatory photo of Big Mountain from the main street downtown and my first fall walking around on these ridiculously icy streets, I was on the road by 10 am.  Easy drive back down past Flathead Lake and into Missoula about 1pm for retail therapy, coffee and then started the long haul back to Idaho Falls.  Clear and sunny and fast driving for the gradual climb up the Clark Fork valley to Butte, then headed south on I-15 into the setting sun.  Glad I was doing this in daylight as some quite icy patches – trucks were moving to the left lane periodically to dodge the worst of it – though still able to keep going at pretty much full speed.  Impressive ranges on both sides of the valley as the light faded.  Made it to Idaho Falls about 7.30 with 720 km of the return trip done.

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