Day 12 Mon 17/12. Whitefish 2730 m (33690 total)

Woke to the lovely sight of snow falling in downtown Whitefish. Had a somewhat leisurely start finishing off last nights work and letting the fresh snow accumulate a bit. Temps hovering around freezing in town and not much cooler on the hill. Snow was a little heavy down low but good consistency up top. At least it FELT like it was good consistency – I couldn’t really tell you what it looked like ‘cos I couldn’t see a thing. Quite windy, very flat light, constant snow falling, goggles freezing up and thick fog – all up a pretty challenging day. Did a run down the back off chair 7 which was a bit better for visibility then did a run down Inspiration with the idea of dropping off into the trees somewhere along the way. Good plan except you couldn’t see where you were going and none of the runs seemed to be signposted (or the signs had just vanished in the snow). Almost by accident saw a sign for Langley and dropped in. Pretty steep, soft bumps and lots of trees to negotiate but LOTS of nice quality snow and at least you could see where you were going. And as a bonus I got to do further work on my forward somersault technique – getting quite proficient at doing the full rollover now. Did a more sensible run off chair 2 – even the top of it was in cloud – but generally much better visibility and got some nice turns in.

Back up the the summit for lunch which I stretched out for sometime – really hard to drag yourself back out into that. When I finally ventured back out I reckon another inch or two had fallen and did 2 similar runs to before lunch. This time managed several falls going down Inspiration – normally a groomed and easily managed intermediate run – where I would run into a metre high wind drift or fall off another of the same with absolutely no idea it was there. The run through Langley was even more challenging and I think I did more falls or recoveries than I did turns. Still, fun was had. But I decided it was best to let the snow keep falling and try again tomorrow when surely the visibility would have to have some chance of improving – the storm is supposed to largely blow itself out tonight.

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