Day 9 Sun 2/12. San Remo – Phillip Island

Pretty relaxed start to the morning but took 2 tries – had just opened the tent flap ready to greet the magnificent view from my campsite – and it started to rain.  Close tent, wait a while, unzip tent again.  2nd try more successful. The final days of the joys of packing up and queueing for breakfast, though it was pretty minimal today and for the first time I didn’t seem to pick the queue that ran at less than half the pace of the others.  We’d agreed to head off and get a coffee at Cowes, but it started to rain again 50m after we rode out and we almost did a San Remo stop instead.  But no we pedalled over the bridge in the rain and had a not particularly pleasant ride competing with heavy traffic and a fair bit of wind till we turned off for Rhyll where the wind was no longer at the head and the road was much quieter.

They changed the route from published and ran us along the shoreline at Rhyll and a little cafe with only one patron and a great view meant I couldn’t go past, and was amazed that the others had. Had to climb a hill in the rain afterward but it was well worth it.  Finally made it to Cowes for 2nd coffee with the others then headed on.  Now I thought they were going to take up past the finish area, down to The Nobbies then back to the finish, but it was total chaos as we approached the Penguin Parade area and I was actually pretty glad to finish it there.  Relieved as always to find the car was ready to start straight away and by the time I drove off there was a stationary stream of traffic about 2 km long trying to get in – including the buses that were meant to be taking people back to Melbourne and other points.  All in all a bit of a snafu and feeling quite satisfied with my choice of transport home.

Stopped in San Remo for the fish & chips we’d lusted after yesterday but couldn’t face the enormous queue for – well worth the wait.  Then all that was left was staying awake for the drive home.

I guess I could tell the story about Trev and his big lanyard …..



… but as always, what happens on the ride, stays on the ride.

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