Day 6 Thur 29/11. Traralgon – Yarragon

Predictions of 36 degrees for today were out and about yesterday, so of course absolutely everyone was on the road early. Heated up quickly and was quite unpleasant quite quickly. Would have been really good riding – not spectacular but great quiet roads, but every time you stopped the waves of heat just hit you.

Was in sometime after 12 and after stopping just had to hang in the shade a while before I could even consider putting up the tent. Went in search of any combination of liquid, cool and shade and ended up falling asleep under a tree in the main street. Quite a good setup put on by the town and sampled local cider and gourmet sausages, and lemon gelati thanks to Oxfam.

Clouded up overnight with lightning over the ridgelines but no rain and an oppressively hot night. Hopefully this will break tomorrow.

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